Sunday 26 June 2022

Car Show Again

The Stylus & my nephew's Devon
I'd fancied going on the SKCC's run today, but my brother wanted to go to the Blackbushe meet, so that's where I went. My nephew came too in his newly finished Devon hot rod-ish, so the three of us arrived together & parked up. I was immediately engaged in conversation by a guy building a Formosa, which is a car I'd looked at building myself. We talked about the seat covers as he has aluminium seats & fabric, so needs them stitched into covers, so I was able to pass on the upholsterer's No.

Then my brother bumped into someone he knew many many years ago, they got talking & it turned out the guy is organising a show & handing out application forms, so that was good, but then the green MG Magnette I've posted photos of before on this very organ turned up. My brother's a big fan, so introduced himself & it turns out my brother has parts the guy needs & the guy may have access to parts my nephew needs - so all in all, a very worthwhile trip!

It's not east to fit a Rover in a Pop. It's REALLY not easy to do it this well

Laurel & Hardy must be here somewhere

Very understated, very nicely done.

Apparently not a McLaren, but not a UVA either.

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