Monday 14 September 2020

All .... Systems ..... Go!

 Took the Quantum into work this morning & had no issues. None at all.

So it's fingers crossed for Wales not changing the Covid rules. There is currently no legal reason why we can't go, so I'm hoping it stays that way as I could REALLY do with getting away for a few days.

Also on the plus side of life's equation, the HT leads & spark plugs arrived from Burton, pretty impressive as today's Monday & I ordeed them on Friday evening. They are fitted already & look the part.

Yes, yes, not much of an engine bay I know. Hopefully I'll be improving it over the coming months.

Next on the list (assuming nothing breaks in Wales) is new longer front springs so I can take out the spacers, hopefully a new rear silencer to replace the rather embarassing boom box it has at the moment & it could do with new tyres & brakes on the front. 4 pots would be nice but at around £800 I'm going to have to REALLY like this car, so green stuff pads & new disks is looking a lot more likely.

Four more sleeps!

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