Monday 5 August 2019

It LIVES (again)

If you've been keeping up, you'll know that Saturday's attempts at mending the car were - disapointing.

This evening I had planned to take down the belly pan, all but two of the sump bolts & drain the new oil into my wife's favourite roasting tin - then leave the messy stuff for tomorrow. I did all that, but while having my tea, I browsed the Haines-book-of-lies & was horrified to discover that the oil pump is behind the front timing cover, so not only had I been wasting my time, but the engine would have to come out to fill the pump.

I resorted to the internet where as usual the good folk of LocostBuilders had had the same problem. One chap had cut a bean tin in half & held it (filled with oil) against the oil filter mount while turning the engine backwards (I assume he had more than the normal amount of hands) to suck oil into the pump from above. This had met with success & others reported just fitting a filled an oil filter & screwing it on achieved the same thing.

I thoght I could improve on / combine these methods, so having just taken a filter off, I punched a hole in the side (not drilled as any swarf would be pulled into the pump), screwed it on with the hole at the top & filled it with oil. As I turned the engine with the crank bolt the level dropped, so I took my makeshift reservoir off, filled a fresh filter & put that on, put the oil back in the sump, checked everything, held my breath, pushed the starter .......... & nothing happened.

I gave the starter a hard stare & went back to the driver's side & pushed the button again, this time the engine turned over & after perhaps five seconds the oil light went out.

Plugs & leads back in, fuel pump on, push the stareter again & it fired.

So far no nasty knocks, but I've not driven it.

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