Monday 4 February 2019

Starts with "Div" Rhymes With Sauce"

Another attempt at chrome wrapping the minor clocks. I think I’ve met with some success, they are not entirely wrinkle-free (not many of us are) & in this photo the fuel gauge hasn’t been wrapped & the volt meter needs doing again, but with experience comes quality & they are a lot better than my first attempts. The two main clocks should be easier & there’s another roll of vinyl in the post as I write.
Of more concern at the moment is the alternator not working because the exciter wire that energises the coil (or so I’m told) doesn’t have any volts in it. No idea why, but finding out isn’t going to be a pleasant job.
What? Oh, the title? Yes, my wife wants a divorce, it's the depression I suffer from (& always have). I can't say I noticed her fingers crossed behind her back when she got to the "in sickness & in health" bit of the marriage ceremony, but I guess she must have. 30 years together, down the toilet in three months.
Not a happy time then, compounded by me being put at risk if redundancy (again), so who knows where I'll be living in three months time (sigh).

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