Saturday 9 February 2019

Viva La Revolution!

I've always wanted a set of Revolution wheels - the five spokes for preference, but they only did them in 14" for a short while & now only do them in 15". So four spokes it would have to be. I've been scanning Ebay for a while & a few days ago spied these. The colour is fantastic & if my car was white I'd be adding a stripe or two in this colour & calling that it. But the car's yellow & red, so the deep turquoise -nice as it was - wasn't going to work.

After establishing that they do actually fit on the car (a spacer on the front will give the brake callipers a little more room to breath) I set about ordering the special wheel nuts, a forth centre cap & changing the colour. The outside edge of all the rims was turquoise, so I rubbed that off with a scotchbright wheel, used the same to key the surface of the paint, masked up the rim & squirted some red on. I was quite pleased with the result, so after adding a coat of lacquer, I did the other three.

As always I was rather too eager to take the masking off & had to re-work one, but overall, surprisingly easy & I'm sure the taste of paint in my mouth will wear off after a while.

When the tyres & other bits & bobs turn up & are fitted it'll look like this:-

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