Friday 18 January 2019

Bezel Is A Good Word

Today I took the driver’s side pod off & mended the screenwash – it was just a blocked valve, Then I thought I’d clean off the peeling powder coat & repaint it with red hammerite, this meant taking the screenwash tank off – no problem & I did the painting, put the tank back on, then the side pod, THEN thought to test the screenwash. It wasn’t working – I’d forgotten to put the earth back on one of the mounting bolts (sigh).
So, pod back off, cut the wire-locking, fit the earth, re-wire-lock the bolt, put the pod back on. I then took it round to Sainsburys to fill the tank. On the way home both the speedo AND the tacho stopped working. On getting home I took the dash out & found the earth had separated in a connector (bad day for earths obviously), but while the dash was out I removed the clocks & attempted to chrome wrap the rims. It is NOT as easy as it looks on the TV, however after many many failed attempts where the wrap just wrinkled up or tore, I did achieve this >>>
It’s nowhere near as good as it looks in the photo & the small clocks will need to be a great deal better (they're not shaded by the dashboard "peak"), but I am learning.

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