Tuesday 15 January 2019

First Time Out

Last Sunday saw the first run of the year & while it was good to be out, it wasn’t without its’ problems. The speedo wasn’t working, the screenwash wasn’t working & while the new coms gear worked well with crystal clear sound, the Press-To-Transmit button would stick down until the radio’s voice said “Transmit Overtime”. This was an irritation to those around me as they could hear what was going on in my car.

Of more concern to me was the screenwash, at this time of year the roads are filthy & the screen was getting covered in cack, from time to time the car in front would go through a puddle & I'd get a few wipes in. This evening I’ve sorted the PTT button by cutting the rather cheap old one off & attaching the nicer one from the old headset, it was a fiddly job as the wires are TINY, but it's back together & working, so fingers crossed & tomorrow I'll look at either the speedo or the screenwash, probably the speedo as it's forecast to Pi55 down all afternoon.

But back at the run, breakfast was served at Shoreham Airport, a very art deco building, packed with folk taking breakfast, but no planes flying. I'll come here again, it must be a great place to have breakfast when the sun's out.

That was clean(ish) when I set off.

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