Saturday 24 February 2018

Braking Point

I'm getting REALLY fed up with these back brakes!

My plan was to un-bolt a slave cylinder, turn it 90deg & get the air out, but the bolts were stuck fast & an odd size hex, so I pushed the upper piston down & pumped the brakes & got several large bubbles out.

On Friday I was early out of work to get the brakes working yes? No.

First I discovered that there was something wrong with the way I’d adjusted the handbrake, so had to take the top off the trans tunnel again, then I thought I’d take the upper piston out of a cylinder & top up the fluid directly, this seemed to work quite well until I tried the same with the off side, but the seals were weeping, so I went in & ordered a new pair of slave cylinders. Which is annoying because the old ones are going to be a git to get off with the seized bolts & also because the slaves out of the 9” drums are the right size, but the wrong manufacturer, so aren’t interchangeable.

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