Monday 19 February 2018

An Expensive Shock

I've rumbled on with the mods to the car, I took off the enormous rear drum brakes (9" - like they put on Transit Vans) & fitted the more suitably sized 8" ones. This has saved 4.5Kg in unsprung weight, 3KG or which was rotating too! But they have given me a bit of a problem.

I'm still wrestling with bleeding the brakes. I think, there's air in the slave cylinders - on the old 9" brakes the nipple was directly above the hose (OK - insert own joke here), so all the air came out. On the 8" they one beside the other so I think there's air trapped above the bleeding point. Still considering what to do about this.

Also at the weekend, I thought I'd raise the rear suspension a bit, when I got under the back, the rear shock absorbers were in a bit of a sorry state, the bump stops on the shafts were MASHED, the rubber sleeve thing over the top of the shock body was MASHED & the upper spring pan had welded itself to the body so was impossible to adjust. So I've just ordered a set of Protechs (EEEK! - £££££)  from Fury Sports Cars. The annoying thing is that the front pair are seemingly immaculate - hardly a scratch on them. Maybe someone in the SKCC will want them.

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