Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Rear Power Sockets

I'm still tiddivating ready for spring.

My focus at the moment is the rear power sockets, up 'til now I've had a clamped on cigarette lighter socket ty-raped to the diagonal of the roll hoop with a USB adaptor pushed into it. It works, but it's a bit ..... temporary.

With the arrival of the new two way radio I needed (ok, needed is a bit too strong) another 12v socket in addition to the two USBs for the GoPros - I HATE having wires trailing round the car.

So, searching eBay I found a pair of sockets, one twin USB, the other 12v, made to marine standards & mounted to a plinth for a good price & this evening I've disposed of the plinth & made up a bracket to fix the sockets in more or less the same place - the small triangle formed by the roll bar upright, horizontal & diagonal. I've made it from black anodised aluminium alloy & I now need to wire it up & fit it in the car.

I've also ordered a speedo calibrator from America, I had asked a friend who's good at electronics to invent me one, but my timing was lousy, since I asked,  he's moved house & become a father, so his time is at something of a premium. Anyway, it should be here just after the weekend, so I can fix another long-standing niggle.

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