Thursday 7 January 2016

A Little More Action

I'm laid up with manful at the moment, so time to update the blog.

I've realised I've not shown a photo of the 3d printed cap fitted, so here it is:-

In other news I got a two way radio for Christmas, several of the club have them for chatting on the move, so I've been considering the best way of fitting it in the car. I've got a "battery eliminator" (a battery case that plugs into a lighter socket) & an earpiece with Press-To-Talk button, so with a little re-configuring, the radio will mount to the car on a quick release mount, come on with ignition & be hands-free. Unfortunately, all the other bits I need to fit it are still in the post, so I'm a bit stuck.

On a more positive note, I'm signed up for three tours this year, so looking forward to those now the car's running a little better.

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