Tuesday 6 January 2015


I got a little more time in the garage as my wife was “going into town for a couple of bits” & “wouldn’t be long” so I knew I had a few hours.

First I checked the clearances on the 13” wheels at full lock, the tyre touched the front of the wheel arch, but nothing a trim couldn’t sort out.
So as Mrs Blatter was still in town, I thought I’d take the dash out ready for a couple of things that needed doing, then when it was all out & there was still no sign of Mrs Blatter’s return, I thought I’d attach the new screen wash bracket, which meant taking the air filter off. Having emptied out the various small stones, flora & fauna out of the filter, I could drill off the two remaining mounting holes & a hole for the pipe to go through. I found a grommet with a “strain relief” tube attached, sorted it all out & riveted it to the car.

Key in, ignition on, push the button & the jets hit the perfect spot on the screen. Pleased with that.

With my hands now too cold to hold tools & my wife STILL not home, I locked the garage & went inside.

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