Wednesday 24 December 2014

So Here It Is ..............

Ah Christmas Eve - I really ought to be wrapping some presents. What have I been doing since last I wrote? The car went to Crawley for the SKCC Christmas breakfast - disappointingly one of only four kits there, then it went to Goodwood for a PistonHeads "Sunday Service" which I found a disappointing affair. In spite of the good folk on PH raving about how much they'd enjoyed it, the sight of rows of silver Porsches does little for me. The points of interest came from the older & more modified cars. A Lancia Fulvia & an MX5 with a V6, I passed one guy talking at some length about his latest "mod" to his M3 - he'd bought a BRIGHT orange cold air intake moulding & fitted it. REALLY? YOU DID THAT ALL YOURSELF?

Ah, each to their own I suppose.

Back in my own garage I took down the fuel tank in the hope of finding out why the gauge wasn't working. I had hoped to find the wire disconnected, but no. I checked how many voltages were getting in & out of the sender, & replaced the connector just in case there was a problem, but I didn't find anything definitive.

I've also been agonising about wheels. I wanted something that looked more 50s - 60s & had found that I could get a set of gold minilites with tyres for the same prices as a set of new 888s for the Pug wheels, then I realised that would lower the car to the point where the sump would be dangerously low unless I bought 70 series tyres - which were the same price as the 888s. I wound this conundrum around for some days, sometimes thinking "Dammit just spend the money & get what you want", sometimes saying "spending £750 on a set of wheels & tyres is just daft at the moment". Then Captain Slow of the SKCC said he had some old RS four spoke alloys in his garden I could try for size, so that's a possible solution to the problem I've built up to the size of a cow (sigh).

Hoping for a more positive 2015 now the jobs settled & going well, so Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year to anyone reading this.

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