Sunday, 30 November 2014

Screen Wipe

One of the long standing niggles with the Fury has been the screen wash.
The only place I could fit the jets at the time I built it was the scuttle. I could've put it on the bonnet, but that would've required a hose right to the front of the car where the hinge frame is, then all the way back along the underside of the bonnet where there's nothing to mount it to. The problem with where it is is simple, it's right at the foot of the screen, so it ether squirts the base of the screen, or right over it, it's impossible to set it "nicely". It needed to be further forward.

Looking at my CAD model of the Fury one day it occurred to me that the solution was a bracket reaching out from the bulkhead with a nozzle on the end squirting through the vent at the back of the bonnet. I drew it up - it looked good & today I've made it. It's not plumbed in yet because I need to take the dash out to get to the hose.

At the TKC Live event a week or two ago, I bought a tall washer jet from the nice people at Car Builder Solutions & today I found some time to get out in the garage.

I found an offcut of 0.5mm aluminium & marked the profile from my CAD drawing on it, cut it out with snips (easy as the metal is so thin) then bent it to give it some strength & It looked like this - the protective film is still on it at this stage.

I drilled a couple of matching holes in the bulkhead (after removing my "skull & crossed spanners" sticker) & jig-pinned it on, closed the bonnet & there it was - perfect.

Here it is in the engine bay, with the old nozzle at the bottom of the screen. As you can see I've had to grind away the screen seal to allow the water to pass.

And here's the view with the bonnet closed, perfect I'd say

"But" you ask "what about all the extra weight?" well I'm assuming the new tall plastic nozzle is lighter than the old chromed brass one & the bracket itself weighs 15g, yes, one-five-grams.

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