Tuesday 11 November 2014

Post Script

Something I should've mentioned from the last post (see what I did there? - Remembrance Day - last post?) was mention that the engine had been much smoother around the idle with none of the hesitation nonsense it's suffered with. I'm guessing (hoping) this is the result of increasing the fuel return pipe diameter - the theory being that there was pressure in the return line, which meant that when the car wasn't using much fuel the back pressure was overcoming the fuel pressure regulator (as the excess fuel had no-where to go) & so over-fuelling the engine. On Sunday, the pick up from idle was as crisp as a crisp thing (possibly a crisp?) so hopefully that's another niggle consigned to the list of "problems it used to have".
Fisher Fury from the rear.
It's with some pride that I write "That's the car I built".
Also on Sunday, DJ from the SKCC took this rather appealing photo of the Fury while passenging in GB's car. AND another thing, While it was in bits I turned up both rear shocks by two clicks & that seemed to stop the crashing over potholes - of course I may just have not gone down any really big pot holes.

On the down side (every silver lining has a cloud) the fuel gauge wasn't working so the tank will have to come out again (ar5e)

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