Sunday, 26 May 2013

Meanwhile ........ Back At The Point

Which is of course the car.

I have worked up sufficient enthusiasm to do a little work on it. I did some sums this morning & the way I would like to fix it - lightened flywheel, Pinto clutch, new alloy bell-housing comes out to the thick-end of £700, so that's not going to happen.

Venturing out to the garage, I wheeled the engine-less car onto the drive (the myriad cars usually resident at chez blatter were spread out somewhat as the neighbours are away & like their drive to look "used") I rolled the engine on it's makeshift trolley out of the hidey-hole & took off the Mondeo 1800 clutch. Then the ARP bolts & the flywheel. Trying my best to look casual so as not to attract Mrs Blatter's wrath, I weighed the 1800 Escort Zetec flywheel on the bathroom scales. 8.5kg. The Burton Item I had been considering weighs 6.8 with the ring gear, so it really isn't much of a saving when compared to the cost. I then took off the aluminium bell-housing - the probable villain of the piece - & weighed that - 3.5kg, the iron one I'm replacing it with is (EEEK) 11kg. That was just too much for me & shuddering slightly, I wheeled the car back into the garage & e-mailed a local Co. asking if they could re-drill the Zetec flywheel to take the Pinto clutch.

We await the outcome.

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