Monday 10 December 2012

Where's It At?

What have I been doing for the past couple of weeks? Well I should have been sorting out the alternator mounting of course, in fact I'mm still messing with the gubbins behind the dash. Mostly this weekend - the stereo. Why? I have asked myself that very question while labouring in the bitter cold in a footwell, but ultimatly the only excuse I can cme up with is if it's on the car, it should work & the stereo didn't. So the speakers have been re-mounted properly & the socket the Ipod plugs into has been replaced with a better one.

I've also fixed the hazard lights - only the right indicators were flashing - turned out to be a problem with the switch, cured with a little WD40 (OK, quite a lot). I guess the switch just deosn't like living outdoors.

So now I'm almost ready to re-instate the dash & after that I'll start on the alternator mount - promise

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