Friday 28 December 2012


Over Christmas I ar bin mostly – ill.
However, feeling better today I took the alternator bracketry out to the garage & fitted it on the car. Firstly the beam hit the right hand idler pulley, so I established whether it was my measuring that was incorrect or not. It wasn’t, but I remembered the idler wheel is a fair bit wider than the belt, which accounted for the foul. So having trimmed that back & made a 2mm spacer to move the beam away from the timing case.  The next job was to temporarily attach the lugs, which I did by drilling a single hole through the centre, a matching one through the beam & holding them with a countersunk bolt. This allows me to fit the alternator & set everything up for welding, the bolt hole will be drilled out into a lightening hole as the material is 9 ½ mm thick at that point!

Just before retreating from the drizzle, I fired th engine up & ran it for a few minutes (no drive to the water pump obviously). Mmmmmm still sounds niiiice.

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