Monday 1 October 2012

Back On The Road

With the situation at work not improving (I'm owed £2,500 in unpaid expenses & overtime) I decided to take a week off. This was not as productive a time as I'd hoped as there was a lot of family stuff going on. But, by the end of the week I'd finished the rear valance, fitted the headlamp trim rings & aero covers & as a finale I smeared some goopy stuff called "wunderseal" to the inside of the front wings to stop stones thrown up by the wheels cracking the bonnet.

As a reward for all this effort I went out on a car run on Sunday.It was a bit of a trek over to Kent, but it's a long time since I did a car run so well worth it. There was a P.A.M. (Puckered Ar5e Moment) when two of us were barrelling merrily along a country lane with the sun in our faces, about to plunge into a dark "tree tunnel" when an ENORMOUS tractor emerged unlit from the gloom. There was much standing on brakes & no harm was done. A little extra laundry perhaps, but no actual harm.

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