Friday 12 October 2012

Another Cheque!!

Having been exasperated by the insurance Co.s penny pinching attitude I gave them "some valued customer feedback" in an e-mail that may well have exploded if not handled with care & I also forwarded the same to the Broker for information. I say Broker with a capital as this particular one is worthy of considerable respect. My previous experience of insurance brokers is that they are not only entirely useless, but also lower-than-a-snake's-bollo belly. However Barry at "Frank Pickles" deserves nothing but praise & has sorted out any problems I've had with efficiency & good humour. Sure enough a cheque for the princely sum of £26 floated lightly onto my mat within two days of me writing the e-mail. I know it seems a bit mean, being only £26, but I was very miffed that by prudent purchasing I'd saved them £500, but £26 had to be shaved off the labour charge because that's what a guy who saw the car in a damaged state for about ten minutes said.

Anyway, might be blatting again this weekend - hoorah

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