Friday 11 May 2012

Road Trip Part Two

After a hearty breakfast & some running repairs to one or two cars, we headed out of town – still heading north. The Dales were stunning, mile after mile of scenery uninterrupted by towns & even contained a county I’d never heard of – Richmondshire – strange. We dined at a very nice pub in a village who’s name I never did establish, before heading for Bamburgh Castle, a spectacular pile, made all the more impressive by the bright blue sky. Many pictures were taken, just about all of which had a car or six in the foreground. Then all too soon we reached “target for tonight” Alnwick – pronounced “annick”, where do to a cock-up on the admin front, we were all booked in for the following evening. Fortunately there were no guests on the evening in question & the nice lady in charge made an excellent job of making us welcome. It was a slightly odd establishment, an old farm house built around a courtyard with the guest quarters being converted from the animal pens, basically it was an antique shop, the rooms being furnished with the stock & everything had a price label on it. Some of our party ventured into Alnwick & returned mightily impressed with the service they had received, the rest of us bought in beer & fish & chips, which was also very nice.

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