Friday 27 January 2012

In The Man Cave

Today was a whole day off as I was out of hours at work (no overtime at the moment), so I set to with the plumbing. I took off the swirl tank, washed it out - it was until recently the oil catch tank on my Rickman), made up a fitting for the outlet & wrestled it back onto the car, attached the pump outlet to filter pipe to the sill, experimented with ways of fitting the pump, finally deciding on the engine mounting pad as it’s not too close to the exhaust, is close to an existing wiring run & in a dry(ish) area. That took me half a day! But I wasn’t finished yet.

After tea I went across to Woking to see Neil & his “man cave” workshop under his house. It is truly a place of wonder with exciting things that my garage lacks, like warmth, a smooth floor, space & machine tools. I used his lathe to finish off the fuel fitting which including the banjo & washers, now weighs 52 g (was 77) & should work a treat – thanks Neil..
I must say I thoroughly enjoyed my little bit of machining, it must be 30 years since I used a lathe & then I was pretty useless, but i managed pretty well, with no dwell marks & a nice smooth finish on the sealing face. If I get a few minutes tomorrow I'll fit this part & get a picture of it installed & wire-locked.

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