Friday, 4 November 2011

Weight Bearing Mounts!

Friday PM is Fury time, & today I lowered the engine onto it’s home made engine mounts for the first time with no issues at all, no groaning, no twanging of bad welds. The engine looks a little low perhaps with 3 ¾” clearance under the sump, but it’s MUCH easier to raise than it is to lower, so I’ll see how the bonnet fits over it before doing anything hasty.
I then set about making up the Idler Pulley mount to the drawing I’d done, this was all straight forward, with only the tube brace giving me any problems. It appears to line up with the other pulleys & it's as rigid as a stiff thing, so should be fine.
Also in this picture is the dipstick David Mango gave me off one of his old engines. Fits a treat.

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