Sunday 6 November 2011

Pulley'd Up

With my wife & elder daughter out of the house looking for a horse & the younger daughter going through her 13year old recluse phase, I awarded myself an hour in the garage to sort out the pulleys for the auxiliary drive belt. The idler was rubbing against the cam wheel cover, so needed a washer under the bearing to space it out a little, the alternator pulley from Mango Dave had a 17mm bore but the alternator had a 15mm shaft – not good.

I found some steel tube about the right diameter & 1mm wall thickness & made up a sleeve, cut a keyway in the new pulley, & with a couple of spacers made from 3mm aluminium, it was fitted & running true.

A measure up with a straight edge showed all four pulleys were in line, so I finished off the alternator bracket by tightening the titanium Hi-Lok bolts that hold it together & trimming off some spare metal, bolted it on & all it needs now is a belt.

So time for that picture of the engine in the car.

With the engine on proper mounts & the idler & alternater fitted, that's all of the difficult mechanical bits sorted. Next job - plumbing.

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