Monday 8 August 2011

It's Big & It's Black & It's Shiny

After a false start I took delivery of the Fury's new engine today. This is an exciting thing.

I've never had a NEW engine before, but this was delivered on a pallet to my door.

After a frenzied tearing of plasic & cutting of sticky tape which would have put a three year-old on thier birthday to shame, my new 2 litre Zetec was revealed in all it's glory.

After removing three-score screws holding the crate to the pallet, I slid it onto a wheeled trolley (actually the remains of a kitchen cupboard scrapped at the weekend) & with trembling hand, fitted the Powerspeed exhaust manifold & motorcycle throttle bodies - just you understand to ensure they fitted.

Oh how they fitted, & they looked magnificent though I say it myself.


Now, when I've calmed down I'll need to write a list of the things I still need to buy to make it run.


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