Thursday, 31 March 2011

Another Week - Another Interview.

This week I was interviewed by GKN Aerospace, but this time for the Woking office. Getting this would be "a good thing" as it's the sort of work I'm used to, in the area I'm used to & most importantly at the salary my family is used to. On the same day I was pushed into a descision by my current employer so I declined thier offer of a small pay rise - so I'm REALLY hoping the risk works out!

In other news, I checked the Isle of Wight ferry tickets for this weekend & realised that I'd booked the right days, at the right time, with the right car - just in the wrong direction. I called Wightlink & it was sorted out without fuss. The weather while not sunny, is at least forecast dry, so we should be doing the trip in the Fury, which will be nice - for me - my wife doesn't seem to share my enthusiasm for taking our smallest, noisiest, smelliest, least weatherproof car for a weekend away.

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