Thursday 17 March 2011

A Foggy Day In Old Brands Hatch

So, the excitement hadbeen building for a few days, I'd given the car a fluids service & taken the afternoon off, the weather was bright & sunny - perfect. The plan was to go straight to Kent & meet an SKCCer or two, then on to the Brands "taster session", but I'd received an e-mail saying Mark's car was off the road, so I thought I'd set off at 14:30, & trundle round the motorway instead. I sent him some Rickman info & almost straight away got an e-mail back, I was in the process of shutting the computer down & though it'd just be a "thanks" message, but then I thought I may as well read it anyway - the session at Brands was cancelled due to weather (I looked at the the bright sunshine flooding in through the window) WHAT?

I called Brands & apparently the circuit was shrouded in fog, so they didn't want a bunch of beginners going round - which is fair enough, but another 30 seconds & I'd have been on my way & mightily P'd off when I arrived!

Not to be denied a little "me time" I repaired to the garage & made some mods to the car in preparation for the trip to the Isle of Wight, now only two weeks away. I took the near side side pod off & adjusted the exhaust, made a flap seal for the hand brake slot as my wife had complained about the fumes when driving with the roof up, & removed the transmission tunnel belly plate to allow the engine bay to vent a little easier.

So, roll on the end of March.

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