Friday, 4 February 2011


After work today I washed the Fury & headed down to Dunsfold where I used to work (ah - the memories of "sunny dunny") as I had arranged to take some photos of the Fury next to a Sea harrier for "A" aeronautical - and i just wanted a photo of my car next to one).

So I arrived & was shown round to the aircraft parking area by the very pleasant & professional Lucy who I'd made the arrangements with. I lined up the car next to the planes & started snapping, while Lucy made sure I wasn't taking any parts for spares (it has been known to happen - not by me I hasten to add). After about 5 mins a security guard drove up & started remonstrating with my guide, she looked a little abashed & said I actually shouldn't be taking photos & I may have to delete the ones I'd taken. I followed her back to the management building where she went inside - it would seem - to be scolded. She had checked with her boss first, so she'd done the right thing, just a lack of communication / knowledge really. Anyway, I wasn't asked to delete the pictures, one of which is here presented for your enjoyment dear reader. So hopefully Lucy didn't get in too much trouble, maybe if she did she could use this as a reference? She was VERY professional at all times.

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