Sunday 6 February 2011

All Quite Noisey On The Western Front

Another blat day - Hoorah!

Roused from my bed at 06:10 (a good long lie-in compared with some of the blatters) & pottered about drinking coffee & collecting up the essential gadgets, until it dawned on me that the meet time was 07:00 not 07:30. So I was running late then. Hurling stuff in to the Fury & moving my wife's car out of the way, I headed off in the general direction of Alton with the satnav showing an ETA of 07:15, fortunately it was wrong & I arrived at five past, hooked up with the SKCC, & a couple of members of the Sunrise Sevens & handed over a starter to Rob, who's need for one was demonstrated each time we stopped as he had to be push started again. It was cold, it was drizzling, & only three cars out of 12 had windscreens. But it wasn't all bad news - one of them was mine!
We pootled off along some wonderfully undulating roads, stopped for a photo break at Newbury (H for horse racecourse), then headed out & back on a variety of roads, all of which were greasy, but a little cleaner after we'd passed by. The further west we went, the wetter it got. At one point there was a slight altercation caused by a closed road which made the gathered ensemble look like a scene from the Keystone Cops as small groups of cars broke & rejoined formation from unexpected side roads due to different satnavs choosing different routes - oh how we laughed.

In the finish we arrived - more or less together at the cafe at Blackbushe Airfield for a full English breakfast - I have a sneaking suspicion that S.K.C.C. secretly stands for "Saturated Kolesterol Collectors Club".
As the pic shows, the Fury was not so clean by this time, looking like a racer that's just finished 24 hours at Le mans - excellent!

Don't know what it was we'd been driving through, but it set like concrete in the engine bay.

Remember I said I'd stowed the blatting gadgets? The GPS logger & the bullet camera? I forgot to switch on the logger & the camera didn't work - I suspect the micro SD card is duff. so the above photos are all the record I have I'm afraid. No route length, no video of one of the clan ripping his nearside front wing off when it started flapping (dammit).

Good blat though.

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