Thursday, 10 February 2011

Gizmos Fitted

In spite of neither of them working on the last blat, I've done some work on the gismos, the camera now has a rubber tube to protect the rear face from the wet stuff & a small mirror so I can see if it's running from the driver's seat. The GPS logger is now mounted on a quick-release bracket made from an old (& very cheap) bike front light.

No blatting this weekend, it'll be valentine's day, so I'll be getting told why I got it wrong this year.

There's a few things coming up though, the SKCC might be holding a track afternoon at Brands Hatch, & there's the trip to the Isle of Wight that I'll take the Fury on if it's not forecast too wet - this will require the boot rack as my lovely wife & I will be away for four days, so I'm guessing there'll be a lot of luggage. I have designed & built a boot rack that clips on the roll bar & I have a couple of waterproof holdalls, so there should be enough space.

Still haven't cleaned under the bonnet or looked at fitting the mudguards - maybe tomorrow.

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