Sunday, 13 November 2022

Still Waiting

 I contacted Fords about he exhaust I ordered for my daughter's car, apparently it was "delivered" some days ago, but obviously not to me. (sigh)

So I was left with a dilemma, to wait for the delivery & delay immobilising the Stylus until after I'd repaired my daughter's car, or just get on with it. I decided on the latter.

Having jacked the car up as high as I dared I removed the tank & found I could reach everywhere I needed to get to without removing the axle - this was "A good thing"


Panhard rod needed some paint

I cleaned up the axle control rods & gave them a nice coat of matt black, & added a new bracket the the fuel tank to support a filter.

Then I cleaned the rust off the chassis - in fact there was just about none, what there was, was only on the fuel tank support angles, so a good wire-brushing & a coat of POR15, followed by CBS' "Wunderseal & I was ready to put it back together.

So now the pump & filter are tank mounted, the hoses & wiring are all clipped away from the axle travel & the car is back mobile (though everything is only loosely bolted together) should the exhaust arrive. The next job is to get the polybushed ends for the control rods made up. Then it's just a refurb of the lower control arms & I'm about done.

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