Saturday 19 November 2022

And Still Waiting ..........

 But I may have made a little progress. I put in a new complaint to Ford Spares who responded (again) that my daughter's exhaust had been delivered, I responded (again) that it hadn't & a while later the said they'd contacted the courier who'd admitted it was "missing" (I knew this). So it may arrive next week.

In the mean time, I've been into Margnor the superb bolt emporium & bought the bolts to make up the polybushed ends for the rear suspension control rods. I wasn't going to do the welding for this myself, but my brother volunteered & after a little cleaning up & paint, they went rather well.

Today I've assembled them onto the panhard rod & the two upper control rods (one on each), I need to get some more bushes to replace the ones on the lower suspension arms, but this is the job I've been waiting to do all year & it's done.

The panhard rod has gone from this............. this.

Also on the agenda today was checking the gearbox oil through the hole in the trans tunnel & changing some of the enormous nyloc nuts on the suspension for small half nuts - they're in shear, so the nut does nothing except stop the bolts falling out & it may only be a few grams per nut, but it's unsprung weight & that's always worth saving.

But this week's big news is that the first of next year's road trips is booked, ten Rogues in eight cars doing a three day tour of north Devon in April.
Hurrah! 😁😁😁

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