Tuesday 8 March 2022

Today Was A Good Day

Tails on the horizon

I set off for a potential client's base at an airfield, where I was going to meet a couple of guys from work. I went in the Stylus, the meeting went well & I'll get some interesting work from it - don't know if I can say what it is, so I won't. 

While I was there I had a call from Burghfield Starter & Alternator Centre to say the Quantum's starter was all mended, so after lunch on the Co. I went to Reading to pick that up, then home. About another 100 miles on the car.

The Stylus - apart from squeaks from the polybushes & a whine from the axle because of the lack of polybushes - was faultless. The ride is now smooth, with excellent cornering grip & traction. When the geometry & corner weighting are done it will be the equal of the Fury. When the rod ends are changed for polybushes it'll drive quietly & the whole car will then be a joy.

Hopefully I'll have time to fit the Quantum's starter tomorrow, then after another couple of tweaks it needs (there's a permanently energised relay flattening the battery & a rattle from behind the dash) it'll be ready to sell.

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