Friday 12 July 2019

Life Is Just A Bowl Of F***ing Cherrys

Sorry to anyone reading this at work, but it is pretty sh1t at the moment.

To be fair the job's going quite well, the fact that Stressmen have an innate resistance to making a decision & sticking to it means I have been gainfully employed working up TWO schemes at work. On the downside, Brexit means the bottom has dropped out of the marked for houses like mine JUST when my soon-to-be-ex-wife wants to sell the house, meaning there won't be enough cash for us to get a place each. She seems to think we have to follow the estate agent's advice & lower the price to whatever he says, I think we need to just wait it out, Brexit WILL pass. But she is VERY insistent that I move out.

On a lighter note, I got under the back of the Fury this evening. When I moved the exhausts from pointing down to pointing back, I didn't anticipate the waft of exhaust I would get while driving. This evening's job was to make up a diffuser (sort of) to increase the speed of the airflow under the car, thus decreasing it's pressure & hopefully holding the exhaust down away from me. Some time ago I had a sheet under the diff, but not since the Riv-nuts spun & I tore the sheet off in a fit of pique.

I have designed a proper "thing" to take it's place, but I need a large sheet of aluminium to make it, so this evening's efforts are a temporary fix to see if my theory works.

It's just about invisible from behind - which is a good thing.

The picnic basket also stops fumes coming forward (ahem).

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