Friday 29 March 2019

The Car's Working Again - Unlike Me

This morning I set to checking as much of the car as I could, The cam timing was OK, all the plugs were definitely sparking, it had fuel getting to the cylinders, it would start, but would only run at about 1/4 throttle & then it smoked badly.

Having checked all this & some other things, I connected the laptop to the OMEX ECU & opened the software. The first thing to catch my eye was "Throttle = 100%". I waggled the throttle but it didn't change. I cut the self-amalgamating tape boot off the Throttle Position Sensor & found this:-

So the engine was getting 100% fuel with a closed throttle - no wonder it was having problems.

The soldered joints must've been just hanging on when I moved the wiring to fit the vacuum hose.

So the car's working again. I on the other hand have been turned down for every job - I thing that at 58 I am now too old to be taken seriously.

Looks like a life of shelf stacking is beckoning.

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