Saturday 4 August 2018

Better Than Ever

After it's rather prolonged hiatus, the Fury is BACK.

The rear wishbones are on & adjusted, the uprated springs are on & adjusted. it's now about an inch higher than it was which means it stays off the bump stops & rides better than it ever has, so with the spectacularly successful mods to the throttle & clutch linkages it's almost like a proper car. Today I took it round the M25 to my son's house to do some DIYing, we succeeded in working out some complex wiring the previous owner had installed - it's been perplexing us for some time, but today we got to the bottom of it & made it work.


On the way home I left the motorway early & came home on the lanes around Coldharbour - which I always considered to be a strange name for the Surrey village that's the highest above sea level. The lanes are not conducive to high speeds, but are wonderfully atmospheric, being sunken into the ground & over-arched by trees. Well, I think so anyway. They are certainly shady, which when it's 32c as it is at the moment, that's a good thing.

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