Sunday 2 July 2017


Not a huge amount to report, today I went on an SKCC run from Newlands Corner to a pub called "The Bull" near my Dad. They are trying to establish a "breakfast club" type event, so there were a bunch of Hot Rods & yanks from the "Blood sweat & gears" group, four kit cars & a TR4. As the TR4 was being driven by Matt's Dad, the pace was more relaxed than can be the case. The route was pretty good, considering we traversed the South East of England, there was little traffic & plenty of thatched cottages. If it wasn't for the pot-holes I would've thought we were in Devon. Well, the pot holes & the hoards of Lycra Louts cycling four wide & getting in the way. But the pub was good & the car park looked like this:-

Having some time to spare when I got back, I decided to tackle the high idle. The car idles fine when it’s cold, but at about 1200RPM when it’s hot. I’d faffed with things a couple of time with no success & had tried to balance the throttle bodies only the other day, but found that No4 was screwed right in. Thinking about this, I wondered if the wildly over-complex throttle linkage was holding No.4 butterfly slightly open, making the idle screw redundant & meaning there was too much air getting into the engine when all the screws were adjusted to balance No.4. This did indeed seem to be the case, but the engine was still running too fast. Doing a similar adjustment to No.3 made all 4 idle screws effective & had the engine idling nicely at about 900RPM. When I make the new throttle linkage, all this faffing will be a thing of the past – Hurrah!


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