Saturday 22 July 2017

Show Business

The Fury's been in three car shows in about a fortnight, the first to by invitation!

There was the Clandon Classic Car Show (in Aid of MacMillan) A baking hot day & I got bored by about 2:00 & left, but there were some interesting cars there including a very standard looking 109e Classic with a Rover V8 superbly engineered into it. Then there was "Wheels Day" at work (in aid of the teenage Cancer Trust) where I gave a very nice young woman a ride round the Research park, she was petite & fitted perfectly in the Fury & giggle appreciatively when I briefly floored it in second. Made an old man very ........ ratty that he's quite so old.

The third show was the "Summer Action Festival" at Castle Coombe race track, the Fury has only been on a race track once, for some slow parade laps at Brands Hatch - & then we were taken off after only two laps when a guy lost the back of his MkII Escort, so this was to be mine & the Fury's first foray.

I arrived way too early, went & got some petrol & when I went back Crunchie had arrived & had made a new friend - a guy who was hard put to believe the Ultima's engine was 7 litres, then enquired if it was a diesel & finally told us that a while ago - some time ago - maybe last year, he'd seen a Ferrari (spoken in hushed tones as if he was describing seeing a dragon).

So, in for breakfast & await the others, the breakfast was good, the café was VERY Irishwith green painted walls & Gaelic proverbs, Guinness posters Leprechauns etc. Strangely the music was mid 50's pop & rock, not the "diddly-diddly" music I would've expected from the décor.

Arriving at the track, Crunchie & I parked on an empty stand next to some other kits. When Neil arrive he commented that we were on the wrong stand & after a short investigation I ascertained that we were, in fact, on the Caterham club stand. We decided that was OK & re-arranged some signs to make it look like we were in the right place.

I took the Fury down for a sound check & was told that it had "just passed" which I took to mean it had just failed but they weren't going to make an issue of it, back to the stand only to realise time was short for my track session, so off to the driver's briefing & dash about to get the car into the queue - where we sat for 40 minutes wondering how they had got so late when they'd only been running for 1 3/4 hours. Perhaps the time slots were organised by a team of doctors?

The track session was OK, quite slippery, but there were only a couple of opposite lock moments, the R888Rs coping admirably & I did get up to 90 at least once (only looked at the speedo once). However, on looking at the video when I got home, it shows me in the wrong bit of the track, in the wrong gear most of the time :oops: .

More photos:-

I like 100es - generally I like them more subtle than this one which was a drift car.



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