Saturday 20 May 2017

Rogue Runners 2017 Day 1 - Bridlington Bound

As usual with SKCC tours there were some “issues”, the menfolk met successfully at Lakeside, topped up the tanks & said hello, but one of our number had a problem, a digital dash with a mind of it’s own, he decided to err on the side of caution & take it home to fix, promising to catch us up later.

So we pulled out onto the M25 with me leading. There were four lanes & an Audi RS4? (all look alike to me) in lane 3 doing 65, I moved into lane four floored it, & felt something odd under my foot, I lifted my foot off the throttle, throttle stayed down – not good. I turned the engine off & back on (no Idea why), then off again & pulled across into the hard shoulder Radioing my compatriots to carry on.

A mile covered, two cars down. I opened the bonnet & found the throttle return spring snapped – fortunately at one end, so a little work with pliers saw it elongated & re-fitted. I tidied up, got back in the car & set off in pursuit.

 But all was not well, the throttle seemed OK when driving but “notchy” at idle & the engine would vary idling speed at random. I caught up with the others & opened the bonnet again when we stopped for breakfast, the return spring was just catching a bolt head as it moved – easy fix.

After that we met up with our token female as arranged & made the lunch stop at lunch time.

The sky got darker & darker as we luncheoned & as we set off there were spots of rain in the air. It would probably come to nothing. What it in fact came to was a hail storm just as we reached the outskirts of town.

There were a couple of other downpours en-route, but as we passed over the Humber Bridge I lost sight of the cars behind me, arriving at the hotel a good ½ hour ahead of them.
So after a pint in the hotel & another couple over tea, I'm now very ready for my bed.

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