Sunday 14 May 2017

Getting Quite Excited

It's been a while since I posted on here, so what's been happening? Well, not much really. The oil pipe noted in the last post is working - there was a slight weep from the banjo bolt, but a little extra torque seem to have fixed that.

Last week the clutch pedal got very stiff & looking round the engine bay I noticed there was an inch of free play in the cable, I assumed the locking nuts had backed off, but no, they were still tight. Can't explain that, but While looking for a cause I realised the clutch pedal was bending the steel floor of the pedal box. Last year I fitted a brace to stop this, then over last winter in my wisdom I decided it was no longer required - I was wrong, so I had to make a new one & fit it.

The big news though is that next Saturday is the start of the SKCCs "Rogue Runners" trip 2017 (Hurrah). This year's format is a little different as we'll be driving to the Scottish borders & staying in one hotel while going out on a number of loops, then heading into Wales & doing a loop there before returning to the south east.

This is what I'm "quite excited" about as the trips are always great fun.

But I have a dilemma, last year I had bold red "stripes" on the car (actually closer to Hot Rod "scallops") & in spite of the Ebay ad saying the vinyl I used was "guaranteed 7 year outdoor rated" a year later the are very definitely pink in spite of being in a garage for most of that time. I have a plan to re-produce them with paint, but not before next Saturday, so do I strip off the offending items, leaving the car bare? Maybe I'll see how much they upset me on the trip.

I've also started thinking about next winter's upgrades (every Spring I think the car's how I want it, by Summer I have other plans). This winter I'd like to make a "proper" throttle linkage. At the moment the Fury has the throttle linkage that came with the throttle bodies - straight off a Suzuki GSXR motorcycle - you would've thought that something like that couldn't be improved upon, but I guess to make is possible to fit a similar set up to one, two, three & four cylinder bikes, the TBs are all separate & each one drives the next from a linkage on No. 1.

This would work OK - though it's a git to adjust so all the butterflys open at the same time, but the Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) is attached to No. 4 - as far from the linkage as it's possible to get, so any backlash in the system really messes with the settings coming off idle.

So, my plan is to use radio control car parts to make a linkage that drives each TB individually & which will be fully adjustable, so they'll open together. Wish me luck!

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