Friday 27 January 2017

Cam Wheel Cover

Long story. The car's supposed to look kind of like a barn found late '50s club racer, so the large plastic parts detract from that (yes - so do the blue hoses, I know), some time ago the plastic cam cover got the heave-ho to be replaced by an alloy one which had the "Zetec" & "16v" ground off & was then kind of polished, or polished enough to look like it was polished 30 years ago.

But, there was still a large plastic cam wheel cover. Many people run without them, which was an option, but the thought of a stone getting flicked up & finding its way betwixt cam wheel & belt didn't bear thinking about. But when the bonnet wouldn't close over the plastic one after the winter upgrades (a new engine mount had pitched the engine up / left enough for it to rub) it was clearly time to get out the tools. There's no cleverness about the cover I've made - it'd make a tin-smith cry!

It's basically a plate the size if the cam wheels & a couple of angle brackets holding a flange covering the belt.

It'll need prettying up a bit & it's a few grams heavier than the plastic one, but it does - or at least will - look better, to me at least.

Up at the top there's a nice simple bracket where before there was none, a couple of titanium bolts & aircraft clip-nuts hold the cover away from the belt.

At the front it gets more complex where an angle bracket has to get into an awkward shape, but it's reasonably neat & kind of hidden. I need to work out what to do on the off side where I think I'll need to put in a removable section to make the cover easier to get off than the plastic one was.

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