Monday 18 May 2015

Rogue Runners 2015 - Day Minus 1 Guildford to erm, Guildford

And so it begins.

Although the “Rogue Runners” 2015 road trip begins tomorrow, today I drove the Fury (through the rain) to work with a plan to go home via the south coast, the route will then allow opportunities to see the west north & east coasts as we go on our merry way, so four coasts, about 34 counties, 2 ¼ thousand miles – in a week. What could possibly go wrong?
Well – rain for a start. It’s forecast to P-down today, but should clear by the time I leave work with a bit of luck. Also, I need to be at M25 Junction 10 at 04:50 tomorrow, so that’s fraught with potential difficulties as well – and I still can’t decide whether to take a spare wheel or not.

But after lunch the sun came out & I headed south to collect my first coast:-
If you squint you can just see the Needles, so that IS the south coast

Right now I'm off to bed - early start tomorrow.

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