Tuesday 10 June 2014

Little Blatts

Been out on a couple of short - ish runs, one with NCD from the SKCC who's Fury has been stripped pretty much to the chassis, re- engineered to a much higher standard (& it was a nicely built car to start with) & passed it's MoT 1st time after three years. He needed a wing man for a test drive, so we kept it pretty local, but alas there was a problem - a loss of power, though the car got him home which is always the main thing.

Good to see the blue Fury out on the road though.

Then on Sunday I met up with David T & we took a trip to Loomies for breakfast to meet up with another couple of SKCCers. Gorgeous day as you can tell from this bit of video.


The aim of the vid was to mess with synching footage with music, as you'll see, some of it worked, some didn't.

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