Friday 11 April 2014

More Dashing

The Fury’s been used for work a few days this week, so I thought I’d do a few of the jobs that have needed doing for a while.
First the charger socket. You can see the old one down in the passenger footwell. It worked perfectly well – no problem at all, but that's no reason to leave well alone.
There were a couple of riv-nuts on the dash left over from when the old video recorder was mounted there. They weren't even in line & looked unsightly. The gap between the clocks originally had the warning lights in, long since moved to a more prominent position between the main clocks.
Coincidentally we had another charger mounted in a “cup” to fit in a cup-holder. It has two lighter sockets & two USB sockets & it occurred to me that I could cut a round hole in the dash, cutting out the riv-nuts & mount the socket there.


So I did. But before I did - I was a bit bothered that the battery condition lights would be distracting at night, so I bought a very small momentary switch & wired it up, so it now has a "press to test" button rather than being on all the time.

It looks much neater, solves a problem & is lighter. I even managed to run the wiring through an existing connector behind the dash.
I then fitted the long curly cable from the cup-holder socket to the old one, put the Velcro “mount” on the dash of the tintop & that all works too.

But it takes a special type of dedication to cut lightening holes in a plastic part:-
The dash is quite neat now, it used to be a tangle of USB leads, but with the consigning of the video recorder to the bin & mounting the socket in the dash, the only wire I need wraps round the back of the centre panel & plugs into the Sat-nav. If I want the second sat-Nav (running "Tripmaster" for the French rallye) I have enough sockets for that & to charge the phone too.
With the adoption of the GoPro & it's remote, I made up a spring bracket to hold the remote, fitted it to the dash & that now plugs into the original socket, the other side of the steering wheel, so it's on charge all the time. The GoPro itself & the old rear facing camera are powered by a socket behind the passenger seat.
In all the Fury now has four 12v sockets & two USBs, but I have USB adapters for the sockets, so there's a possible nine USBs with no 12v, or any combination. Sufficient I think.
I also took the top off the transmission tunnel in search of the source of a fumy smell, but the only hose in there looked fine. However I did find the speedo sensor loose & when I tried to tighten it back up the end came off!
I've re-fitted it for now, but I think a better solution is over-due.

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