Wednesday 23 April 2014

A Little Bling

I'm not a fan of a lot of chrome trim on cars, but a little can be good. Last time I went to Stoneliegh I bought a little chrome trim to fit around the headlamp covers as a finishing touch. As soon as I got home I realised I'd bought 1/2 as much as I needed, so it's lay forlornly in a heap with other rejected car parts. Then I went to Wheels Day & saw an E-Type with the chrome work round the lights & my curiosity was once again piqued.

Having tested the trim out on one cover, I was so impressed by the look that I ordered another 3 metres - which arrived today - thanks CBS. First job was to trim the covers a little to match the recess in the bonnet, then just stick the u-channel over the edge. For such a simple thing the effect was dramatic, a real "finishing touch" (yes - I know it's now a five year old car). The join doesn't show because I cut some sticky-back aluminium tape & stuck it over the join to hold it together. It's also on the straightest part of the edge so the ends are less inclined to peel off.

Also among the jobs was replacing the 4th mounting. this is a "stick bracket" the one at the lower forward edge. The first bonnet had one, but I'd never been brave enough to cut into the second bonnet to replace it. Anyway I have now. A cutting disc in the Dremmel cut a slot, I pushed a strip of aluminium (drilled to help adhesion) into the slot, then dribbled some gel coat / resin / hardener mix into the gap to bond it all in place.

By now I was feeling the love, so looking round for something else to do, I realised that all the chrome was at the front of the car, so I re-cut the old trim off the front to fit exactly in the recess the tail lights fit in, there is also a sort of "lip" round the tail lights, & the chrome strip sits nicely in it. It's not at all shoutey, just provides another finishing touch - niiice.
The trim itself is a little wrinkled, I think it's just got a bit old, I'll replace it with strips of the new stuff tomorrow.

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