Sunday 16 March 2014

Earth & Mics

Remember on the last run out the Fury was reluctant to start? I took it to work a few times this week & the problem "developed":-

Wednesday - didn't want to start, volt meter was showing 11.5v, but the green light on the power socket was on. I had a look at it when I got home & found the live to the battery a little loose & corroded, so gave it some "copperslip" grease & tightened it.

Thursday - started OK, but it was foggy so I had the lights on, by the time I go to work the Volt Meter was saying 10 1/2v & only the red light was on. I had a look at it lunchtime, scraped the earth terminal to the battery, tightened the 12v lead onto the alternator & tightened the drive belt. Drove it round the site & it seemed fine, took it to my Dad's & home with the lights on, all was well.

Friday, fog again & battery almost flat when I got to work. Got home OK, but then found the earth lead on the engine loose. Tightened that & it's been OK since.

So at least three faults & it still got me home each time - hoorah!

In an effort to show it some gratitude I cleaned up under the bonnet & messed with the remote mic for the GoPro. I'd initially had this clipped to the rear deck behind the passenger seat, but it mostly picked up wind noise, so I moved it down further into the car, where it mostly picked up transmission whine. It's now glued behind the door seal, so effectively outside the car. Here it mostly gets exhaust noise - which is what I wanted all along.

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