Saturday 4 February 2012

Red Shift

I'm afraid I've been thinking again - this time the focus of my musings was the shift light. The ECU can drive one, so it seems daft not to make use of the facility. Ideally the light should be right in front of the driver's face, just below the eye line, BUT that means that it's dazzling at night. So what's to be done? The solution I fell upon was to fit self adhesive LEDs to the underside of the glare shield, they won't show up in daylight, but that's what the main shift light is for. There's a switch adjacent to the pod that turns off the upper light.

I think that podded shift light looks good - for a £1 LED light pushed into the end of a £4 cigar tube (yes really).

Hopefully it'll soon be warm enough to get out to the garage & do some propper car building soon - it's been below zero all week & is currently snowing heavily.

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