Monday 13 February 2012

A Game of Two Halves

Today I took a day off to look after a poorly wife. So not much Garage time BUT the temperature climbed to a heady +5deg, the first time it was over freezing for about 3 weeks. So that was too good an opportunity to miss & having mopped her fevered brow, I disappeared for an hour or so & wired up the power supply to the ECU, the earth, the tacho feed & ran the wire for the shift light.
On the other side of the bulkhead (the engine bay) I took off the thermostat housing ready to put a thread in it for the temp sender adaptor. I also took a plug out of the engine block just behind the oil pump & fitted the sump plug adaptor & temp sender from the crossflow, so hopefully the oil temp gauge will work now. And hopefully it won’t leak.

After tea, a bunch of callow youths allegedly acquainted with the elder daughter turned up for something that “wasn’t a party”, but seemed to involve a great deal of unpleasant loud music, shrieking & wine. So as I will on these occasions I repaired to the garage & set about the car. I re-attached the battery & wired a fuse into the ECU live, Sikaflexed a strip of wood to the bulkhead & screwed on relays for the ECU functions & high pressure fuel pump, then started wiring up the fused relay for the ECU functions. I shall have to try to get out to do a little wiring each evening or I'll forgrt where I've got to on the wiring plan.

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