Friday 21 January 2011

Starting Out

What am I going to do with this? Well if you're not interested in the "odd" end of the motoring spectrum, you're not going to enjoy it much.I intend detailing my motoring life, I like cars - always have, but I'm not overly impressed by anything made on a production line, you've got a Porrari-Marghini? So what. I'm impressed by the engineering, impressed by the Engineers that developed it, but just owning it isn't clever.

So what does float my boat? Hot Rods, Kit Cars, one-offs - things that someone put some inventiveness into, so it you've just bolted a wing & some wheels onto you Golf, or worse still, paid somone else to do it, sorry, that doesn't do it for me either.

Currently I have a Rickman Ranger as daily driver & a Fisher Fury as "something for the weekend" I say "currently" as if it changes, but I've had the Ranger (henceforth known as "The Flying Fridge") since 1996, & the Fury since 2004, though the first six years of that was building it. It passed SVA first time in Feb 2009 (for anyone counting their fingers, the Chassis arrived in 2004, but I'd been stripping the donor car & collecting parts for some time). Recently I've started going on sedate country drives with the Southern Kit Car Club - a bunch of like minded folks who like nothing more than a gentle potter about in lightweight cars, see the SKCC's Page, generally, an early morning wheeled saunter will result in a quiet healthy breakfast at a roadside cafe (I may not be being entirely honest here), Hopefull I'll be able to add a few photos & bit of video to liven it up a bit.

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