Saturday 22 January 2011

Cold & Wet

After someone stopped me on the way home to say the Fridge's brake lights weren't working & they'd "nearly driven into me twice" (twice? don't you leave a bigger gap after the first time?) I set to finding out why - in the cold & the sleet (OK, only very occasional, very light sleet) I took off the tow hitch, the bike rack mount, the rear bumper cover - that's the black GRP bit that hides a steel RSJ - & took one of the lights apart. Then struck by a flash of the bleedin' obvious, I checked the connectors onto the brake pedal switch - yes one had come off, so I could've fixed it in 30 seconds from inside the car. Anyway while the back was in bits I took off the old broken "iron cross" high level brake light & set up the wiring for the new small round one that I've lost in the house somewhere. Then I put the car all back together again & went in for a warm. I'm now sorting out the satnav for a blat to Bexhill with the SKCC tomorrow.

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